Flexible and customized small and medium size cryogenic air separation plants for production of N2, O2, Ar


Polaris has successfully developed innovative technical solutions based on internal know-how for Air Separation Units (ASU) that are able to produce industrial gases such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon. Plants are based on the use of cryogenic technology for air fractionation in order to have products, simultaneously or alternatively, in either gaseous or liquid form.

All our units, from relatively small sizes to our biggest industrial plants, can be tailored to reflect customer requests and project needs. Polaris’s ASUs, prefabricated and tested in our own shop, are equipped with a fully automatic control system, internally developed by Polaris specialists who are familiar with the technology, and with the Polaris design practice.


Advantages of the technology

  1. Customization: Each unit is tailored to the customer’s request in order to meet individual needs. All projects can present different challenges in terms of economics, components, and operations. By working collaboratively with the client, each challenge is analyzed and tackled, resulting in the best overall project outcome.

  2. Flexible Solution: Plants can be designed to allow maximum flexibility of the unit either in terms of products, power consumption, availability time or total production. This characteristic allows customers to better follow market fluctuations and requests or utilities costs frames optimizing normal operations.

  3. Reliable: A proper storage and vaporization back-up can be installed in order to grant a continuous supply of the produced gas or for peak covering. Systems are designed to ensure high reliability and to promptly react upon varying needs. We achieve these results by applying several design practices acquired through years of successful project installations.


Typical plant configuration

A complete plant configuration includes:

    • Main Air Compressor(s), where air is compressed up to the required process pressure;
    • Pre-Treatment section for H2O and CO2 removal;
    • Cold Box where air is separated to obtain the necessary gases;
    • Storage and vaporization section.

The plant is skid mounted and supplied as a packaged unit.

Depending on operating conditions, a stand-alone liquefier section for liquid N2 can also be installed in the plant.

Polaris makes the preliminary process analysis and optimization in order to define and propose a more adequate system configuration and method to recover products with higher yields and quality, and at a better cost/benefit ratio.


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