Gas purification systems with highest yield and quality performances


Our cryogenic distillation plant uses cryogenic temperatures to obtain ultra-pure gases. The process is highly flexible and can be used for the supply of gas with purity ranging from 2.5 up to 5.5 grade.

The process can be applied either for continuous or batch production and the degree of automation can be customized based on customer requests. The system can also be designed as a multipurpose distillation plant for several components of the purification process in different batches.


Advantages of the technology

  1. High Product Purity: The high purity of products is achieved through the use of at least 2 sequential columns. This design, successfully proven in several applications, allows for the possibility of selective elimination of both heavy and light compounds, while also maintaining a low OPEX cost.

  2. Reusable Gas: The pressure drop is minimized, thus allowing the customer to easily re-use the purified gas. For some compounds, an additional compressor can be installed to optimize the distillation process.

  3. Optimized Costs: Thanks to the efficient use of a heating and cooling method, and to a compact footprint, CAPEX and OPEX are optimized, making the investment sustainable even with low flowrates.


Typical plant configuration

Impact on the customer site is negligible, since the plant is mainly composed of a cold box and, depending on operating conditions, a pre-treatment section.

The plant is skid mounted and supplied as a packaged unit.

Polaris makes the preliminary process analysis and optimization in order to define and propose a more adequate system configuration and method to recover products with higher yields and quality, and at a better cost/benefit ratio.


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